Ann, Katherine and the kids

Clarion Poodles was born 48 years ago in 1962 with the purchase of a black miniature male poodle puppy.  Ann had fallen in love with the collies of Sunnybank as she read the Albert Payson Terhune books as a child.  So, of course, this poodle puppy was named Laddie after the great Lad of Sunnybank.  Laddie, Ch Stillfair States Evidence, was the first miniature Champion for Clarion Poodles.

Ann started finding “ways” to go to dog shows from the time she was 9 years old.  Her idea of the perfect life was one where you are surrounded by dogs.  When she met her first poodle in 1961, she knew this was her breed.   Ann’s daughter Katherine shares her dream of “life with the poodles”, and she is both an integral part of raising the babies, not only grooms the show kids but also takes many of them into the show ring.  When you see Katherine with the poodles, the bond between them is beautiful to watch.

Chase - Clarion To Catch A Thief, TD, RN

From the very beginning, for us, the most important part of breeding and showing these “guys” was living with them as part of our family.  Therefore, we have never had a kennel and do not wish to have one.  We believe that Poodles are social beings who thrive on human interaction, so our group is and have always been “underfoot” in our home.  Their life at Clarion consists of romps with us and each other on our acreage, hanging out on couches, bowl beds, favorite “caves” under a computer desk, a dresser, or a dinner table and greeting the guests who come and go.  Their food is based on natural ingredients with special diets for any elder citizens, pregnant girls, nursing mothers or growing babies.

The human component in our breeding program is as important to us as the Poodles themselves. We value and honor the concept of "It Takes A Village". Every piece and part of our success in producing beautiful, healthy Poodles is entwined with the breeders whose expertise and vision laid much of the foundation for what we are accomplishing today. No one can have long term success in a breeding program alone. When you have an Extended Family, the fun and excitement is multiplied countless times as is the ability to move forward.

The sharing, planning, and savoring the triumphs has a far greater meaning because of the "Family". In the Miniatures, the combining of Clarion and Camelot has brought both success and, even more important, a bringing together of people who care deeply both about the Poodles and about the friendships. Mary Ellen Fishler gives us the vision of a Master Breeder and great personal loyalty. In the Toys, the Clarion Cashmere combination makes our unique Toy Breeding Program possible. Shirley Peugh’s dedication to both the care of the "kids" who live with her and her commitment to our friendship has added more than words can say.

On our "Extended Family" page, you will meet many of the other people who are a contributing factor to what we do here at Clarion, both in the breeding program and in quality friendships which feel more like Family.

Dahlia Rose

We ask for references when selling one of our Poodles and are very happy to supply the same to anyone interested in us.  Our vet is a much respected member of the medical community and is available for any questions about how our Poodles are cared for. 

Since the late 1960’s, we have done genetic testing.  As new tests were perfected, we added them to our regimen of analytical procedures to breed the healthiest Poodle possible.  Due to our tremendous interest in maintaining a breeding program free from genetic problems, we offer a lifetime guarantee on any Poodle we put into a new home.

In both the conformation and Performance events, our Poodles have won at the highest levels.  We have great fun following the Agility, Competitive Dance, conformation,  Obedience, Rally, etc. competitors who are making their mark though their intelligence, joyful spirit, athletic prowess, and beauty.  To date we have bred over 150 AKC Conformation Champions and 40 Poodles with Performance titles.  In addition, we have bred numerous service assitance dogs trained to help people with various disabilities like visual, hearing & physical impairments and seizures. Along with many wonderful therapy & emotional support dogs.

Our Breeding Philosophy

After over 46 years of experience with the intense study of pedigrees, canine nutrition, the raising of puppies, breeding, genetics, training, grooming, etc. We feel we have put together a unique program.

Quartz daughter

The goal of our breeding program is to produce intelligent, elegant, willing, trainable athletes. To that end, we have carefully selected Poodles who showed us those qualities, and whom we believed would pass them on. We tested our Poodles in the show ring, for we believe that the proof is in the doing, and bred them to the finest lines we could find.

We chose our sires on the quality of their progeny, their pedigrees and their phenotype. We chose which pedigrees to combine on an individual basis – selecting individuals who we believed would bring out the best each of our Poodles had to offer, and who complemented each other.  Our emphasis thus far has been on strong, line-bred girls with correct type and strong, sound movement coupled with an alert, people oriented temperament.

We believe in balance – we will not sacrifice disposition for a pretty face, or structural soundness for flash. Our goal for our Poodles is that they live, long, productive and happy lives. And to do that, they must be strong and sound in mind and body. We are a small breeding program and have been selectively and carefully breeding Poodles since 1963.

We are very proud of our Poodles’ achievements in so many very competitive areas, but prouder still of the soundness of mind and body that allows them to continue to excel to 17, 18, 19 years of age.   This healthy, long life in a loving home with the opportunity to
do a “job” is the framework of our breeding program.

Harper - Clarion Camelot Paradox