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Legislation & Advocacy

National Animal Interest Alliance

California Federation of Dog Clubs
Concerned Dog Owners of California
Save Our Dogs
Kennel Clubs
The American Kennel Club
The Poodle Club of America
The Kennel Club (UK)
American Rare Breed Assoc.
United Kennel Club
Australian National Kennel Council
Canadian Kennel Club
Federation Cynologique Internationale
Health & Genetics
Village Veterinary Hospital (Our Vet)
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals
The Dog Food Project
(We Feed) Grand Dads Petfoods
Dog Show Superintendents
Infodog (MB-F)
Jack Bradshaw
Onofrio Dog Shows
BaRay Event Services
Poodle Variety(USA)
Dog World (UK)
Canadian Dog Digest (CA)

Other Sources of Interest

Poodle History Project
Poodle Pedigree Database
The Animal Rescue Site
Cherry Brook
Lainee Limited
American Pet Pro
Show Dog Store
Plush Puppy (We Use Exclusively)
Extended Family
Minarets Poodles (UK)
Karadale Poodles (USA - FL)
Nipigon Poodles (USA - OK)
Jaset's Poodles (USA - CA)
Harmony Poodles
Imperii Poodles

Suggested Reading


Reaching For The Stars: Advanced Labrador Breeding
By: Mary Roslin Williams

A classic work on becoming a top breeder of ANY breed! How to recognize and breed for the hallmarks of a champion; what qualities make a good breeder and the problems they have reaching the top of their field; why a top breeder stays at the top of the field; dual purpose breeding, color breeding, faults, failings and virtues in the ring. Extremely valuable for the serious breeder of any breed!


Solving The Mysteries of Breed Type
By: Richard G. Beauchamp

An analysis of what breed type really means and provides a greater understanding of what elevates an individual dog or breeding program above mediocrity. An amazing and insightful perspective.


The Dog In Action (A Study of Anatomy and Locomotion as Applying to All Breeds)
By: McDowell Lyon

Originally published in 1950, The Dog In Action has been out of print until recently. The Dog In Action was the first book to thoroughly analyze, illustrate, and explain the under-the-skin workings of the dog. It showed people that the principles of movement apply to all breeds and is the foundation for all gait and locomotion books which have since been written. The Dog In Action is considered the finest technical book on dog movement ever written. But despite the technical subject matter, readers find that McDowell Lyon has a gift for making the principles of dog locomotion interesting and understandable for all levels of dog enthusiasts. One reviewer commented "It reads like a well-written mystery novel." Learn why we need to put functional soundness above everything else, why a dog must be dynamically balanced to function efficiently, and why no dog can be any better than his bone placement, conformation, and muscle tone.


Uncle Charlie's poodle
By: Kurt Unkelbach

Chick recounts his special relationship and adventures with his honorary Uncle Charlie and Charlie's black standard poodle in New York in the twenties.