Ch Clarion Henessey
Call Name Brandy
After Brandy finished his Championship, he became Ashley & Gina’s beloved pet. He lives in Las Vegas with his own personal canopied, doggie bed and baskets of toys. Brandy’s show career was a series of Keystone Cops moments. The day he turned 1 year old he was entered at a Poodle Specialty. 45 minutes before he was due in the ring, Ann realized that he needed to be in an Adult trim not the full Puppy Trim he was wearing. Ann was so embarrassed she left the show grounds to run an errand. She got back just as Brandy, in his brand new Adult trim, an English Saddle, walked into the ring. Martin Gregory had decided to take the challenge of putting this trim on in 45 minutes. With the gorgeous new “do” Brandy won a 5 point major. Three shows later, Brandy was put into the Continental Clip and so he finished his Championship by winning points in all three trims!