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Poodle Club of America National Specialty 2008

The Family at PCA
Clarion ~ Camelot ~ Karadale ~ Halcyon ~ Nipigon ~ Bold'N

In Unity,
There is Strength
Deuce - Ch Clarion Camelot Unruffled
Photo By: Leslie Newing

Winners Dog & Best Miniature Bred-by Exhibitor - Ch Clarion Camelot Unruffled
Reserve Winners Bitch - Clarion In Between Dreams
Best Brood Bitch In Show - Ch Clarion Parallel Dreams w/her daughters - Clarion Karadale Intangible & Clarion In Between Dreams
Four Class Winners:
Bred-By Miniature Dogs: Clarion Camelot Unruffled
12-18 Month Miniature Bitch: Clarion Karadale Intangible
Bred-By Miniature Bitch: Clarion Camelot Paradox
Open Miniature Bitch: Clarion In Between Dreams
Class Placings:
2nd 9-12 Month Miniature Puppy Dog:
Clarion Camelot Coalition
3rd Open Miniature Bitch: Karadale Clarion Unparalleled
Every success, either making the cut, placing or winning a class is the product of a sense of family and team work. What an incredible group of people we are fortunate enough to have in our lives both in our shared passion of the dogs and in our personal lives.

Thank you!!! Karin Berlind, Dan Giles, Dewitt Bolden, Sean Nichols, Raymond Yurick, Mary Ellen Fishler, Pat Brink, Antonia Fillingim, Julia Dollinger, Ann Wheeler, Dorris Grant, Greg Self & Danielle Pesko.
Ch Clarion Camelot Communique  

Ch Clarion Camelot Communique

History in Canada
#1 Non-Sporting Dog
#8 All Breed
Multiple Best In Show Winner
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
Award of Merit

Campaigned by:
Shawn Nichols

Canadian 2008 Statisitics
Best In Shows: 11
Group Wins: 30
Group Seconds: 12
Group Thirds: 6
Group Fourths: 3

Owned By:
Ann & Katherine Kennedy
Mary Ellen Fishler

Bred By:
Ann & Katherine Kennedy, Mary Ellen Fishler & Doris Grant

Completed Canada Stats
Photo by: Ruth Dehmel



(Ch Donett's Karadale Top Gun - Ch Clarion Camelot Firebird)
Breeder/Owners: A & K Kennedy & Doris Grant & Mary Ellen Fishler

Beautifully shown, conditioned and presented by Karin Berlind & Dan Giles. Thank you both!!

Greater Dayton Dog Fanciers Association

Judge: Steve Keating
Winners Dog & Best of Winners - 5-pt major

Tampa Bay Poodle Club
Judge: William Cunningham
Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Variety, Best Puppy & Best Opposite Sex to Best Of Breed - 5-pt major

Jet - Ch Clarion Camelot Coalition
Photo by: Leslie Newing

Clarion Camelot Paradox

(Eng Am Ch Minarets Reach to the Stars x
Ch Clarion Camelot Firestorm)

PCA '08
Winner of the Bred-by Miniature Bitch Class

Harper is loved, conditioned and co-owned with Ann Wheeler of Nipigon Poodles.  Harper is an amazing showgirl- she was reunited with Katherine to win the BBE class at PCA 2008!  

Harper took some time off from the ring for maternity duty. She was bred to Ch Logos Echo of Nipigon. Her first time back in the ring she was Winners Bitch for a major. Her next outing produced her 2nd major & BOV all beautifully presented by her owner Ann Wheeler.

Congratulations to Ann on her new champion dog, Reece, Ch Logos Echo of Nipigon!

Owned by: Ann Wheeler
Ann & Katherine Kennedy, Mary Ellen Fishler

Harper - Clarion Camelot Paradox
Photo by: Leslie Newing


PCA '08
Winners Dog & Best Miniature Bred-by

Multiple BOV's From the Classes

Ch Clarion Camelot Unruffled
(Ch Clarion CoDIAC x
Ch Clarion Camelot Kerfuffle)

Bred/Owned By:
Ann & Katherine Kennedy
& Mary Ellen Fishler
Owned By: Greg Self

Completely breeder/owner handled by Katherine. Deuce was shown at only a few select shows
including the All Breed shows prior to the Eukanuba Invitational, Golden Gate Kennel Club and Poodle Club of America National Specialty.

Photo by: Eric Vigil

Deuce - Clarion Camelot Unruffled

Group Winner
Ch Poof's Pardon Me

Ch Clarion Camelot Quervo x CH Kallista's Just Do It

#3 Miniature Poodle by Breed Points

Last year, Dolly, completed her championship from the Bred-by class with ease. At 13.5" she is making a statement. Dolly has continued to make statements as a special with her breeder/owner/handler Lacy Williams. This year they have a Specialty Best In Show, a Group I and have already picked up over two dozen varieties &several Group placements.

Dolly - Ch Poof's Pardon Me

New Champion - 8/30
Jack - Ch. Clarion Dreams Be Dreams

(Ch Clarion Camelot Impresario x Ch Clarion In Between Dreams)

At just 8 months, Jack started his career at the Rose City Classic shows. He finished the weekend off walking away with both of his majors with Lacy Williams. After growing up a bit at home, Jack quickly completed his championship with Antonia nearly undefeated and with multiple BOV wins from the classes.

Pictured with his new mom on Christmas.


Jewel - Clarion Sweet Temptation

(Ch Clarion Camelot Impresario x Ch Clarion In Between Dreams)
Owned with: Karin Berlind

Jewel is the 2nd in her mother's two puppy litter to start her show career. She is loved, conditioned and trained by Karin.

12/12: Jewel is WB/BOW/BOV over specials for a 4-point major.

Jewel - Clarion Sweet Temptation
Introducing Zasha!!
The Black Russian Terrier

Many years ago we acquired our first Black Russian Terrier when Ann was judging in St Petersburg Russia. Zabava was one of the most incredible dogs we have ever had the honor to have in our lives. She was a true gift. After losing her, we were quite devastated, and it took a few years for us to get past her loss. Fate sometimes knows when the right time comes and can drop those unexpected opportunities when the moment is there…A gift into our lives.  While attending the Judge’s Education Seminars in January at the Portland, Oregon shows, Ann met a “family” of BRTs with the qualities we so admired in Zabava.   Zasha was bred by Donna Renton Ried & Joshua Ried of Cerberus Kennels. She entered our lives and home just like she was born here. Thank you Donna & Josh for our wonderful new baby!

Neva Baby

#1 Miniature Poodle Sire for 2007
Ch Halcyon Cry Havoc - Howie
Howie - Ch Halcyon Cry Havoc

(Ch Gayel's Typecast Trademark x Camelot Clarion Capricious)
Breeders: Mary Ellen Fishler, Daniel Agustus, Ann & Katherine Kennedy
Owners: Mary Ellen Fishler, Pat Brink, Ann & Katherine Kennedy

Howie was represented during his first year as a sire by only two litters.

Ch Halcyon Hillary (Dam)
Breeders: Mary Ellen Fishler, Rachel Corbin, Daniel Agustus & Chris Maneopoulos
Ch Halcyon Zachary of Hilmac
** Still to be shown from this litter: Halcyon N'Tarquin's Red Neck Women & Halcyon Tarquin Billie Gene

Windcrest Westside Maria (Dam), #1 Miniature Poodle Dam for 2007
Breeders: Dottie NeSmith, George Spinks & Wes Shank
Ch Windcrest Halcyon What About I?
Ch Halcyon Innuendo at Rosewood
Ch Windcrest Halcyon Lola Rose
Ch Windcrest Irie The Queen
Ch Windcrest Solomon The King.

Alexandra - Ch. MACH3 Clarion Camelot Charmed, TD, RA, OF, NJC
Completes her MACH3 with her 60th QQ consisting of two 1st places...
What an amazing team. Alex & Elizabethanne complete their third MACH together with two first-place ribbons in their typical fabulous whirlwind style....

Ch MACH3 Clarion Camelot Charmed

Champion Child #12 for Nicky,
Eng Am Ch Minarets Reach to the Starts
Ch Teller Heatherly Lifeoftheparty

Bred & Owned by Janice Teller-West and Beverly Jean Nelson
Dam: Tellers Heatherly This is The Life


Pebbles - Ch Aedan I Dare Say

(Eng Ch Aedan Double Dare x Aedan Nice to be Noticed)

Our stunning brown English import finished her championship in fine fashion beautifully presented by Dan Giles & Karin Berlind.



Pebbles - Ch Aeden I Dare Say

New Champion & #20 on 9/20 for her Daddy ~ Pey-Ton Da French Pudel

The Double L Litter - The Lucas & Lorenna Girls
Elle - Clarion Karadale Intangible
Peyton - Ch Karadale Clarion Unparalleled

(Ch Donett's Karadale Top Gun x Ch Clarion Parallel Dreams)
Bred & Owned by: Karin Berlind, Ann & Katherine Kennedy

Elle - Clarion Karadale Intangible Peyton - Karadale Clarion Unparalleled
If it's not one... It's the other...

Out just a couple of weekends, Elle & Peyton are taking turns...

3/29-30: Elle wins WB, BOW & BOV both days at The St Petersburg Dog Fanciers
4/4: Elle wins WB, BOW & BOV at the Jacksonville Dog Fanicers Association
4/5: Peyton wins WB, BOW, BOV & Group III at the Jacksonville Dog Fanicers Association
6/8: Peyton wins WB, BOW, & BOV over Specials at the Lakeland-Winter Haven Kennel Club
6/21: Peyton was WB & BOW at Central Florida Kennel Club for her 4th Major
And After a short break eating bon-bons at home:
9/19: Elle wins WB for 2-points
9/20: Pey-Ton Da French Pudel wins her 5th major (5-points) & is a Champion
9/21: Elle gets her own 5-point major by going WB, BOW & BOV over specials


In Between Dreams, Lies Reality...

New Champion - 8/30
McKennitt - Ch Clarion In Between Dreams

(Ch Clarion Camelot Impressario x Ch Clarion Parallel Dreams)

McKennitt made her debut at PCA after over a year out of the ring by winning the Open Class and going RWB shown by Tim Braizer. She also joined her mom and sister Elle in a romp around the ring for Best Brood Bitch In Show.

Her next weekend in the ring, owner-handled by Katherine, she was WB at the Poodle Club of Southern California for a 3-point major and WB, BOW and BOV at the Santa Maria Kennel Club for a 4-point major.

Needing only a single she quickly added it the next time out at the beautiful Grass Valley shows. While her son gained his last two points. Making it champions #12 & 13 for thier sire Pres.

Group Winner... Antonia & McKennitt:
9 BOVs, 1 Group 1st & 2 Group 2nds
Watch for them in 2009!

McKennitt - Clarion In Between Dreams

New Champion - 10/10
Noel - Clarion Sweet Noelani

(Ch Clarion CoDIAC x Clarion Fire n' Ice)
Breeder/Owners: Georgia Barr, Ann & Katherine

Noel was whelped, raised, trained and conditioned completely by Georgia. Thank you Georgia!!

On her first outing out was WB at the Ventura Dog Fanciers Association for a 3-point major. Her second outing just a couple weeks later. She was WB both days and took BOV from the classes to a Group 2! Third time is a charm for Antonia and Noel as they win BOV, Group 4 and the last major to complete her championship.

Photo by Eric Vigil

Noel - Clarion Sweet Noelani
Jordin - Clarion Into The Night
(Ch Clarion CoDIAC x Clarion Auslese Shoshana)
Co-Breeder/Owner: Mallory and Susan Curtis

Jordin is Paddington's 8th child to start in the ring. Her second weekend out she won both days including a BOV over specials from the puppy class. Jordin picks up her first major in Ohio. She is being shown by Antonia.
no photo
Paddington's Two Adenz Girls...
(Ch Clarion CoDIAC x Ch Adenz Incahoots with Deshler)
Breeder: Adrienne Dorland
Fiarah - Ch Deshler's Incahoots with Adenz
Owners: Patricia A Deshler, Elizabeth Cowman
& J. Balay

Fiarah aquired her championship with 4-majors, mulitiple BOVs and a Group 3 all as a puppy.
Deanie - Adenz The Devils Handiwork
Breeder/Owner/Handler: Adrienne Dorland

Completly breeder/owner/handled. Deanie & Adrienne make a great team. She is well on her way & on her sisters heals.

Clarion Camelot Conundrum
(Eng Am Ch Minarets Reach to the Stars x
Ch Clarion Camelot Firestorm)

Drummie had her debut this year at the Carson City shows breeder/owner/handled with Katherine by winning WB & BOW both days.

no photo
New Champion 9/4
Holly - Ch Clarion Sweet Pualani

(Ch Clarion CoDIAC x Clarion Fire n' Ice)
Owner: Anita McKenna
Co-Owner/Breeders: Ann & Katherine Kennedy
Breeder: Georgia Barr

Holly gained half of her needed points on the West coast with Tim Braizer, then traveled to the East to Kaz Hosaka & finished up with two visits to the ring.
Holly - Clarion Sweet Pualani
New Champion! 8/20

Ch Clarion Camelot Hot Off The Pres

(Ch Clarion Camelot Impresario x
Ch Clarion Camelot FireStorm)

Presie was completly owner-handled to her championship by Lacy Williams. Thank you!
Presie - Ch Clarion Camelot Hotoffthepress